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Traveling Out of Body into the Majestik Galaxy

January 28, 2016

In 1992, I moved to Grass Valley and Nevada City Ca. I was recently divorced and felt uncomfortable living in the familiar town I lived in, since 1984, which was Carson City, Nv.

It brought on too many, sad memories. Therefore, in 1992, feeling like I needed to run away from my painful past, I laid a map of the United States onto my living room floor and threw one of those push pins at it. Bingo, it hit Nevada City, Ca. I upped and moved there the next week.

I moved into this cute, quaint, old house that was about 200 yr’s old. I had been reading, several books on the topics of the mystical, including a book written by Shirley McClain, called “Out on a Limb”.

One night as I was sleeping in my bed,I was having a dream that I boarded a UFO. I found myself floating through my window into the Universe and onto a spaceship. There was no one on board but myself. I remember it was very large and there were something like ‘window seats’ surrounding the entire circumference of this ship. I sat down and it shot up like a rocket into the darkened, night sky.

I remember so vividly, as if it were yesterday, how it made its way through the galaxy. It was absolutely magnificent and beautiful.

I felt very safe and loving towards me a very safe feeling of love and acceptance, therefore I was not at all fearful. This ship shot out into the Universe with the speed that was undefinable in my terminology. It was totally unimaginable!

While on this magnificent ride through space, I found myself looking at the millions of glittering stars in the midnight sky.

The words that came into my mind were, “Wow this is infinity” and “Look at the myriad of Stars”. It was the most glorious, vivid experience I have ever had. I can still remember it so very well. Seeing the beauty of the Galaxy and the Stars.

When I awoke, I found I was levitating off my bed. Wow, I had never ever had an experience of levitating. I remember calmly talking myself down, until I reached the bed because I really wanted to continue with this experience. I awoke in the morning with the most glorious feeling of total jubilation, joy and ecstasy.

It was almost as if it were some kind of drug high. Though I’d never been high on drugs, I would imagine that could have been an experience from them.

The following week I went to a Psychic Fair in the town I lived in, Nevada City, Ca. It was a very old, gold mining town. I went with a woman I had met there who was a massage therapist. We chose to have our auras read. The reader who was a man, told me I was not from this planet Earth. He said I was from the star constellation ‘Pleiades’. He then went on to say, that it was difficult for me to connect with most people here on Earth, because I was different from most other people here. He also said I was here on Earth to help people with their Spirituality that I had worked with dolphins and small children on Pleiades. He said, “You are an ‘ET’.

At that moment I couldn’t even think what an ‘ET’ (extra-terrestial) was.

You ask; “Was I skeptical? You bet I was skeptical. The next day, I drove into the next town, Reno, Nevada, to visit my daughter Angela. I went into this large bookstore. I rather timidly and quietly walked to the counter and asked if they had any books on ET’s. I admit, I felt a little embarrassed. She directed me towards a large wall to my right. It had a library ladder leaning against it. I climbed the ladder; the 2nd to the top shelf; the next to the last book on the left side of this tall, shelf of books, was a small pocket book leaning out from the rest by about 1/4 inch. It was as if it was saying “Pick Me, Pick Me”. I picked up the book, it was titled:

“Star People”, by Brad Steiger.

I bought this little book back in 1992. A book, that practically begged me to pick it up. To this day, nineteen years later, I am still filled with the wonder of my experience. I wonder; “Why me, what was this all about, how did this happen, did this really happen to me”?

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