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Is That You Knocking At My Door?

September 29, 2011

I seem to have lived my life

In thrice written scrolls

Flowing throughout the eternal winds

In bits and pieces of torn paper

I’ve searched my heart for you my love

I’ve sent your name to the stars

Winding throughout the Universe

Flowing across the essence of time

I seek my heart’s desire

Bidding him to send the mysteries of his soul

I search and search…

There must be more, my heart is listening

Is that you knocking at my door?

Why is love so hidden?

We think it has arrived

Only to find…

It was not for our heart, our soul

In my dreams…

You’ve come a thousand times

Your spirit sings to my soul

I’m aroused by the tenderness of your touch

I feel the passion of your sweet caress

My heart keeps searching

My soul yearns for the taste of your love

The feel of your lips on mine

Where are you my love?

You always reside …

Within the recess of my mind,

My heart and soul

Come fill my emptiness within

Draw me into your warm embrace

I’ll wait a lifetime,

There must be more


Is that you knocking at my door?

You are my dream

Waiting to be summoned

My morning, noon and night

The color of my heart

The gentle breeze on my face


I know you won’t be knocking anymore



Written and C/R by anne p murray, ladeeanne


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